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Surface Preparation and Painting 
Whether it's an interior or exterior surface that needs attention, not a drop of paint is spread until all surfaces have been properly prepared.  


is truly our middle name.

  • General Surface Preparation and Protection
    • Surface Preparation on all surfaces includes sanding, scraping, caulking, spot priming, puttying and wood filling, as necessary, prior to application of finish paint.
    • Drop cloths and plastic are used for protection and covering of personal effects and areas not to be painted.


  • Additional Surface Preparation and Protection
    • Exterior
      • All surfaces pressure washed with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
      • Gutters hand washed if not to be painted.
      • Windows scraped and cleaned with Windex upon completion of job.
      • Shrubbery will be covered and/or tied back in work areas.
      • Walkways, patios, driveways and other porous surfaces are covered with drop cloths.
    • Interior
      • Heavy furniture moved, centered in all rooms and covered with plastic.
      • Non-removable fixtures and fans covered with plastic. 
      • All wall plates, switch plates and other removed hardware is labeled, stored and replaced at completion.
      • Door handles, window locks, hinges and fixed hardware are wrapped with protective tape.
      • Wall hangings and window coverings are removed.
      • Area rugs are removed and rolled, flooring is covered by drop cloths in all work areas.
      • Work areas are vacuumed, surfaces wiped clean and all trash removed at completion.
      • Excess paint labeled by room and left on site for future use and touch ups.



Once the Preparation is complete, the finishing begins!  SPS Painting, Inc. has the talent, experience and product knowledge to apply a fine finish to any surface.

  • Interior Painting
    • Walls, Ceilings and Trim
    • High Ceilings and Two Story Rooms
    • Staining and Polyurethane protection for stained mill work, trim and cabinetry
    • Only the finest latex and oil paints used, all products specified on estimate
  • Exterior Painting
    • Boxing trim, Windows, Doors, Columns, Decks, Porches, Mailbox Posts and more
    • Staining, in a variety of colors and finishes, of Decks, Screened Porches, Fencing and Wood Siding
  • Faux Painting
    • Textures, Venetian Plaster, Marbling, Ragging and Stippling, Sponging, Color Washing, Aging and Distressing and more
  • Flooring
    • Concrete Acid Staining and Dyeing
    • Epoxy Coatings
    • Sealers and Urethanes
    • Non-Slip Traction Control


Are you tired of your old wallpaper from the last remodel?  Wish your popcorn ceilings would go away?  Would you love to have the door frame repaired where the dog used it for a chew toy?  Read on...

  • Wallpaper Removal
    • Complete removal of existing wallpaper and adhesives
    • Repairs to underlying drywall
    • Priming of all surfaces prior to application of finish paint
    • Wallpaper Installation is also available
    • Removal of all Trash
  • Popcorn Ceilings
    • Scraped of texture from ceilings (and walls)
    • Repairs to underlying drywall
    • Priming of all surfaces prior to application of finish paint
    • Removal of all Trash
  • Wood Repair
    • Interior and Exterior Wood Repair
    • Rotted wood
    • Storm Damage
    • Kid and Pet Damage

We also have the knowledge and experience to...

  • Convert Exteriors of Homes from Oil to Latex based paint for increased durability, color retention and mildew reduction.
  • Paint metal items, such as Wrought Iron Railing, Mailboxes, Light Posts, Grills, Garage Doors and Window Lentils.
  • Paint furniture, deck chairs and tables and Storage Buildings.

SPS Painting, Inc. is a full service Painting and Drywall company that has experience in all surface applications and environments. 

is our middle name!

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